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Which Snowboard Is Right For Me – How Long Should A Snowboard Be?

Which snowboard is right for me, what size should it be, you might ask? How long should a snowboard be is a question I get all the time. So what do you need to consider when looking for the right snowboard for you – height, weight, gender, terrain and skill level.

Before making a snowboard sizing choice, you need to learn about the essential parts that make up a great ride. Snowboard technology has come a long way in the last 20 years and below is an outline to help you become educated on how these developments can help you chose the right snowboard for your riding style.

After becoming familiar with the snowboard elements below, you are ready to determine how long should a snowboard be and the right snowboard size for you..


The snowboard base is the part of the board that touches the snow, the side you apply wax to. Most snowboard bases are made from a polyethylene called P-Tex. These bases are made in one of two ways: sintered or extruded.

Extruded bases are melted and cut to shape. Sintered bases are ground into powder, heated, pressed and sliced into shape. A sintered base is more durable, faster and holds wax better than an extruded base take this into consideration when looking for which snowboard is right for me.

Deck or Top

The deck of the board is where the bindings are mounted and the snowboarder stands. Most boards have mounting holes in the deck where the bindings can be screwed into this is part of how long should a snowboard be for you. Place the holes enable you to connect your bindings to your board at different angles or stances.


Camber is the amount of space beneath the center of a snowboard when it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the tip and tail. Basically, This is the gentle arch the board makes when you rest it on a flat surface.

In most new boards you want a slightly springy camber, which helps stabilize the board at higher speeds and on harder snow. It also makes it easier to turn the snowboard, these are important parts when choosing which snowboard is right for me.

Length – How Long Should A Snowboard Be

Overall length is measured from the tip of the board to the tail and is generally expressed in Centimeters (cm).

Contact Points

Contact Points are the points at which the board contacts the snow without the pressure of the rider being displaced on the board. They can be found by placing the board on a smooth, flat surface to see where the snowboard edges make contact with the surface.


If you are into freestyle then the edge is important part of choosing the which snowboard is right for me. Edge refers to the metal edge lining the sides of the snowboard. These can be sharpened to improve carving capabilities, and some freestyle snowboarders purposely dull the edges when they are riding rails in the terrain park.

Effective Edge

The length of the metal edge on the snowboard which touches the snow. Therefore, it does not include the edge of the tip or tail. The effective edge is in contact with the snow when the board is in a carved turn. A longer effective edge makes for a more stable, and controllable ride; a shorter effective edge makes for a looser, and more easily turning board.

Which Snowboard Is Right For Me – Get The Right Sidecut Radius

This is the measurement of how deeply or shallowly the boards cut is from the nose of the board to the middle of the board. The smaller the sidecut radius the tighter you will be able to turn. A board with a larger sidecut will make big arching turns.

Waist Width

It is the narrowest point of the board, with waist width is proportional to how long should a snowboard be. This is the middle of the snowboard, located between the bindings. Waist width of a board should be relative to the size of your feet. Otherwise, your toes may hang over the edge and cause toe drag, which will slow you down.


The nose or tip is the front end of the snowboard and some thing you need to know about when looking for which snowboard is right for me  If your snowboard has a similar front and back side then the side that is turned up higher is usually the nose. A higher nose/tip is needed for higher speed alpine riding as you will need to keep your snowboard from digging itself into the snow. Alpine boards often have a pointier nose also.


The rear end of the snowboard, which is opposite of the nose/tip. Often the tail is flatter than the tip and is more squarely cut. Some alpine boards have a split in the tail to give more turning power and coordination in high speed turns. Freestyle boards will often have similar tips and noses to make it easier to ride “fakie” (with the front foot in the back).

So when choosing which snowboard is right for me, it is important to know how long should a snowboard be and what type and size you are looking for. I hope this helps you out.

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Ciara - March 10, 2020

I am doing a snowboard project for my speech class and found a really cool quote that I want to use. It’s “Every pro was once an amateur”. “Every expert was once a beginner.” “So dream big and start now.” I am trying to find out who wrote this quote so I can give them credit in my speech. I was taken to this web page once I clicked on the quote. Was wondering if someone can help me out?
Thank you


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