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Which Snowboard Is Right For Me ? – 7 Tips To Know Which Snowboard To Buy

Thousands of people buy snowboards during the course of the winter months but many don’t even know which snowboard is right for me . With only a quarter, to thirty five percent know what they are looking for when buying.

For a lot of people it is their first time choosing which snowboard to buy, and they have no idea what they are doing or what to look for. When you go online to buy you need to know what you are doing and what to look for.

Here are seven steps to help you find which snowboard is right for me

1. How much are you going to spend?

When choosing which snowboard to buy the first thing you need to do is decide on how much you want to spend on your board. Boards can range anywhere from $150 to $800 dollars. Yes the cheaper boards are of less quality you will get out of the board, and the high the prices get the better quality bored you get.

2. What is your skill level?

Now you have to ask yourself what skill level you are at. There are typically three levels of riders and for you to know which snowboard is right for me, you need to know your skill level.

  1. There is the new rider witch is no experience riding to a couple time riding.
  2. Then there is the intermediate rider who is comfortable riding down the mountain maybe falling a couple time, and who can do some beginner tricks.
  3. Finally there is the expert rider who has mastered snowboarding and can ride the black diamonds and double black diamonds.

3. Which snowboard size is right for you?

Making sure the board is the right size for you. Finding the right size board can be a big hassle if you don’t know what you are doing. Board length varies in size from 100cm to 180cm.

The board should come any between your mouth and eye brows. As for the width of the board go by your boot size in cm, and judge by how close your toes, or how far your toes go over the edge of the board.

4. What brand do you want?

Which snowboard brand do you want to ride? There are about 50-100 different snowboard companies trying to get you to buy their board. So you should go online and research a couple of brands you are interested in, so you know which snowboard to buy and which brand.

5. Which type of board is right for you?

What type of board do you want to ride? There are three main types of boards:

  1. The All Mountain or free ride board. The All Mountain or free ride board is for the basic rider who just wants ride down the mountain and hot jumps hear and there.
  2. The freestyle or technical riding board. The Freestyle or technical board is for riders who ride the board park all day, made for hitting jumps and hitting rails.
  3. The racing or alpine board. The Racing of alpine boards are made for speed, and racing. So if you love speed then take that into consideration when trying to find out which snowboard is right for me.

The most commonly bought board is the All Mountain, free ride board.

6. Get the right boots

Choosing the right boots. Choosing the right boots is one of the hardest parts when choosing which snowboard to buy. First of all you need to know your shoe size and your boot size will be the same. You want you boots to fit tight, but be comfortable.

Your ankles should feel secure. There are boots that match skill levels witch we went over before, you want to match your boots to your skill level. A lot of people like to get the same brand boots as their boards because they fit together well.

7. Choosing the right pair of bindings.

Binding are essential for your snowboarding. When choosing your bindings you the sizing is the most important thing, there are three sizes of bindings small medium and large. Always get the right binding when looking for which snowboard to buy.

When choosing the size of your binding, go by your boot size and width of your boot. The backs of bindings come in different heights also. The shorter backs are for riding freestyle and the higher backs are for all mountain and free riding.

There you have seven tips that you should follow to know which snowboard is right for me.


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