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Vacation rentals on rise in Miami

It may well be the secret weapon in Miami’s tourism industry

For thousands of tourists per month, eager to save on accommodations, so they spend in the city. It’s vacation rental, the alternative to hotel, flowering throughout the global recession.

While possibility of a private rented house has long been a very popular option in Europe, with those on family outings almost certainly go for this option, it has taken little time for America to discover this form of holiday accommodation.

Now it becomes a popular and also the best option all over America, especially in heavily trafficked tourist spots such as Miami. Here tourists can enjoy the value of family homes for a fixed price, rather than per room as they can in a hotel. After a summer spent in a vacation home many have found themselves back, attracted to the space and privacy that a vacation rental can provide.

miami beach1Over the last years, Miami increased tourism has really taken a hit, partly fueled by the decreasing amounts of funds available to travelers and tourists. Yet 2010 was a good year, but we saw the numbers in the first few months, the hotel entrance and vacation rental has consistently grown over the following months. While January and February were less turnaround, in recent years few months have been good for tourism figure shows Miami Beach condos to be a good investment because they have dragged a lot of visitors over the past months.

 While hotel has grown on average by 5% from last year’s figure, holidays has increased by almost 8% as customers look for a cheaper alternative.

Miami based primarily on tourism revenue, as a city that is designed as a playground for the rich, a little sun and a surplus in the South West Coast America. But over time, biting, only the rich can enjoy the continuing rise hotels have so many people choose a less expensive way to enjoy these sun-bleached beaches and sparkling waters, and plenty of bar and club life around here.

miami cityMiami long been the playground for the rich and famous with its lively nightlife make it something of a playground for the beautiful people. Yet also appreciated by millions of tourists each year who come to bask under the glaring sun, which is one of the main attractions of area. With tourism is one such source of income for this area it is only natural that Miami has taken a big dip in an era where many practicing austerity. This has affected many local companies, shops and restaurants. But now many of the owners will be happy to see tourists flocking to the area, reinjecting an important flow of money back to the local economy.The increase in vacation rental continue to grow this year, both in popularity and practical, with many favoring it over hotel.

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