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Using Catfishing Baits Properly

Information on how to catch catfish by using bait and learning their habits.

It is good to consider the kind of catfishing baits you use, if you’re taking catfishing as a serious hobby. There are many types of baits you can use to succeed in catfishing noodling, and the good news is it is not a very difficult thing to figure out.

The reason it is so easy is because catfish is probably the least picky animals when it comes to food. They eat both plants and meat, dead or alive. The only thing to keep in mind when making baits for catfishing is the stinkier the better.

With catfishing noodling, one of the best tips is to pay attention to the environment they’re located in. They like to play a little hide and seek and that’s why you need to study the body of water where you go fishing, learn their hiding spots and then figure out a way to lure them out.

It is always a must for you to have your equipment close at hands. Those are the rod and the reel. As soon as you notice something sticking out of the water, quietly go over and throw a fresh shad head to that spot. Look for a good current eddy and try there as well. Wait around 10-20 minutes to see if anything bites.If nothing bites, it’s time to move on.

You have to keep the bait steady and still. Avoid bouncing or moving the bait if not necessary. This is some skill and technique that you should acquire, on top of having the right type of equipment and bait, in order to catch a lot of catfish.

When it comes to the elevated water level due to floods or rain season, it’s the golden time to go fishing. This is when the catfish goes looking for the freshly flooded vegetables. This is the occasion for you to use fresh shad heads and cut Bluegill.

The Time For Fishing Catfish Is Important

Another important tip to go fishing in the early morning and later in the evening these are the perfect times to do so. The catfish like to be at the bottom of the water when it’s warm, and when there is a lot of sunlight. They will come out and look for food on the more shallow water after the sun sets.

So on rainy days when it is cloudy, the catfish will also like to come to the shallows for food. The ideal seasons for fishing channel catfish are spring and fall as that is when the water level rises.

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