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The Top 4 Off The Grid Water Purification Systems

Your survival in any emergency situation will hinge on your access to clean, drinking water. It isn’t going to be about the food or even the shelter. It is all about the water. You cannot survive more than three days without water. After the first day, your body will start to dehydrate and a whole host of problems will start to happen making it that much more difficult for you to find water. You absolutely must make water a priority when you are thrust into a survival situation.

The rule is that all water is dirty and unsafe to drink. It doesn’t matter if you get water from a fast moving, crystal clear stream or a lake filled with algae. All of the water is dirty and filled with nasty viruses, protozoa, bacteria and in some cases, chemical contaminants. Each of these things has the potential to make you extremely ill to the point of death.

Almost all water contaminants generally result in serious digestive issues. You can expect to have stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, the chills, fever and a general feeling of being ill. It is such a serious issue, you should never drink water without purifying it first.

The main cause of the problem is animals. Animals typically stand in the water to drink it. When they do so, they defecate. When they walk through the water, they poop. Animal feces contains all kinds of harmful things to humans. When you drink the water the animals have pooped in, you are introducing a variety of dangerous contaminants into your body.

The Top 4 Survival Water Purification Systems


The best and most reliable method of purification in survival is boiling the water. The heat will kill the bacteria, viruses and protozoa that may be lurking in the water, completely invisible to the naked eye. Boiling water will not kill or neutralize chemical contaminants. The water doesn’t have to boil 10 minutes. As soon as you see the bubbles on the surface, the water has become hot enough to kill the various contaminants. Boiling for 10 minutes is a waste of water. Dead is dead and boiling the water longer does not kill the harmful bacteria and what not any better.

Solar Purification

If you simply cannot boil the water, putting the water in a water bottle and lying it in the direct sun for about 6 hours will suffice. If it is a cloudy day, you will need to leave the water out for at least 2 days. Only use clear, plastic bottles preferably with the number 1 in the center of the recycling symbol. You may want to run the water through a filter if it is particularly cloudy.

Purification Tablets

This is a quick and easy way to purify water on the go. The tablets are typically made with chlorine. The chlorine is effective at killing off bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the water. They require about 30 minutes to work.


Household bleach can be used to treat water. A few drops in a liter or 8 drops in a gallon of water will clean it enough for a person to drink. This is a favorite method for preppers because bleach is so inexpensive.

However, there is one caveat; bleach is only truly effective for about six months. After that, it becomes weak and will not be effective at cleaning water. It is important you adhere to the expiration date on the bottle before you rely on any bleach for your water purification method.

Before you wonder why filters are not on the list, filters are not water purification tools. Filters cannot remove the super tiny viruses that are lurking in the water. Technology is constantly evolving and improving and there are some filters on the market that can filter down to 1 micron or less.

If you are shopping for a filter, look for one that has a 99.99 percent filter rate. Fortunately, viruses in water you find in the wild are rare, but they are there. If filtering is your only option, it is better than drinking the water as is.

A combination of filtering and purifying can give you clean water that is safe to drink and tastes great. Add at least one purification method to your survival supplies or have the necessary equipment to boil water in a survival situation

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