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Survival Water Purification Guide

If you are into adventures and camping in the remote areas, there will come the times during your camping experience that you may find yourself fighting for survival when you end up in the environments that lack pure water supply. This post will be a brief guide to help you find clean water resources and if that’s not possible, there’re always ways for you to purify the water to certain extend.


If you find yourself lost somewhere in the wilderness without any clean drinking water in hands, places you can look for the clean water are such places like ponds and lakes, but if you can choose, go for the water source where the water is running where the water will be cleaner. Be on the lookout for algae growth and some discoloration in water as they may be the signs of harmful substances like bacteria, parasites, and maybe even harmful chemicals.

If there are so other cleaner water sources but those, here are some ways to purify the water to certain extent;

DIY Water Filtration – to do this you will need to find materials in the natural surroundings you are in.

  • Find a thin, pliable piece of wood (bark or birch), cut them up into at least 12 inches wide and 8 inches in length
  • Roll the pieces of the wood into the cone shape: the small opening at the end of the cone should be about a half-inch in diameter.
  • Use small pieces of rocks by putting them in the bottom area to be used as the holder of filtering materials which are sand, grass, and charcoal. These things can be found around there and should be put into multiples layers to add filtering effectiveness.
  • Cordage can be strong ropes or other similar materials and they are to be tied around the cone strong enough for it to avoid the shape and prevent leakage of the materials or water.
  • The effectiveness of the filter will be based on the size and the amount of filter layers, so if possible, make a large filer and use as many layers of filtering materials as you can
  • If it is impossible to construct the filtering cone, you may use the earth as the natural filtering tool. To do this, simply dig up a hole 3 feet away from the water source and let the water seep through the earth. The water surfacing the earth in the hole will generally be cleaner but there is no guarantee it’s clean enough to drink.

Boiling ­– after having found some water and filtered them using the methods suggested above, it’s extremely helpful to boil the water before drinking.

  • It is best to boil the water for 10-20 minutes or if impossible to keep the fire that long, 5 minutes is the minimum time.
  • Natural water containers can be found by using natural materials like coconut shells, vegetables, or fruit shells, etc. Be sure to clean them or make sure they are not poisonous before you use them. In the best case for container for boiling, look for bowl-shape rocks if you can find.
  • Suspend the rock with some sticks or cordage to avoid boiling through the rocks with direct contact to the fire
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