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Explore the Underground World in Rivera Maya, Mexico

Rafting on the crystal clear waters of Xplor adventure park Underground River, where the brown, coral and gray dripping stalactites and stalagmites have joined in thick columns that you can steer around, is an amazing experience. We settled in the small rafts, though small paddles on our hands and began to paddle along the underground river. Blue light on the river bottom guided our way, while soft light illuminating the sides of the cave as we passed raised the incredibly intricate thousands-of-year-old rock formations.

Mexico Underworld

It is obvious how careful planners were at the same time creating this road we were traveling along the underground river, and the re-examination of Xplor. The park was developed by an architect who originally bought the land to build their dream house. When he realized there was an abundance of caves beneath the surface, he worked with planners, geologists and other specialists to ensure roads created the earth, and the roads used for swimming and rafting experiences, were developed with minimal intrusion. Paddling on the river, you had the sense that you were in an underworld where few people had been before.

 Explore the Underground at Xplor Adventure in Rivera Maya, Mexico

 The three-mile journey in an amphibious vehicle on Xplore Adventure Park took us through the lush Caribbean jungles, across suspension bridges and eight caves, flooded one. Good thing this vehicle, which looks like a cross between a dune buggy and ATV has a speed governor. My husband Dick cringed as I ran around a steep curve too fast and a tree branch tried to fondle him. Then it was time to slow down and enjoy the view.

We are surrounded by lush greenery on the track that twists and turns. Not sure which is more fun, riding across the suspension bridge that shakes a little, or splashing through the creek at the bottom of the cave? Along the track there “take out” spots where you can stop and change drivers, so we change places and now I’m the duck, and then, as Dick takes a curve quickly.

The amphibious adventure has two tracks, so when you run through the caves of times we waved to the people in cars traveling on other tracks. If you wish, you can run both tracks during your day at Xplor.

Explore the Underground at Xplor Adventure in Rivera Maya, Mexico

After jumping into the underground river Xplor Adventure Park, I was shaking me like I was a dog spread the water, but the goal was to warm my body. The water was about 77 degrees, but the rapid cooling disappeared when I began to swim among the stalactites and stalagmites, stop often because the views were so incredible. The family in front of me had the right idea; the kids were all wearing Shortie wetsuits and hanging of her father’s back.

Packaged in the mandatory helmet and life jacket, I swam varied and walked along the river bed, which was about six feet deep at most and five feet at times. I dawdled, stunned by the watery glow of subtle brown and gray pillars of stone at the side of and above me, until the family moved out of sight and there was complete silence. Swim in an underground river is soft adventure at its best, limited by a quick swim by a waterfall in a Cenote, where I reluctantly walked up steps and returned to the sunlit jungle above.

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