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How to prevent disasters by planning your camping trip

Do you know anyone who decides at the last minute to jump into their cars and drive off to campsite without any plans? Probably not! There’re some good reasons why people plan before hands. I know you know this fact, and I don’t mean to sound condescending; all I’m saying is planning well for camping means more fun and safety for you and your camp partners. So here’re some tips to help you get things started;

Choosing a good campsite

find camping sites

Believe it or not there are actually many people who fail to do this step right and end up going to a horrible campsite or pick a bad spot to set up their camp. This is just the ultimate recipe for camping disaster; yet, it is still easily avoidable.

Doing campsite research before hands can save you a great deal of time, and save you from a big trouble. You should plan before hands the kind of activities you will be doing while camping. After that it’ll become easier for you to pick a campground. Picking a campground will allow you to picture what camping gear to bring with you to campsite; what type of tent, cooking utilities, other camping accessories, etc.

You can make a good use of the internet using the search engine sites like Google or Bing or the following camping sites;

  • GoCampingAmerica.com
  • Recreation.gov
  • ReserveAmerica.com

When you do a search on the search engine site, basically type “Campsite” follow with the activities you’d like to do such as “Campsite kayak fishing”, or “campsite on beach”, etc.

You can also separate campsites by region, or activities. By doing so, you will be able to come up with a handful of potential camping locations to decide later. This is also good to keep as a camping guide for next vacations as well so you won’t have to be doing this process every summer.

Make sure to book the campground early

tent camping grounds

Summer time when everyone wants to go on holidays with their family it can be hectic and busy time for you to get an available campground. Many families who enjoy camping do have their favorite places where they like to go every summer, but for those who don’t have anywhere in particular it’s always good to plan at least 1-2 months in advance, and make the reservation early.

When you do your campsite research, make sure to note down the contact information of the reservation departments as well. That way once you’ve finalized your decision, you will be able to contact them right the way.

Make a list of things to bring and gather them up early

It’ll be an unwise thing to do to not have a list of things to bring. Many people who camp regularly still fail to do this, let alone the occasional campers. So once you decide where to go and know who’s coming with, it’s time to start packing. It’s never too early to start doing some gathering up. You might need to do some camping gear research as well so bare that in mind.

The less is more? Not always the case here…

If you’re going to be driving directly into the campsite, it’s always good to pack a little extra. The extra concerns food supply, water, and basic survival kits, especially if you’re going to be camping in the remote areas or in the wilderness.

If you’re going hiking, disregard this step!

So here you have it the simple tips for happy and fun summer camping! Drop by and share with us your experience!  🙂

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