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MSR Whisperlite Internationale Stove Review

Imagine being in a remote location on your hiking trip with a cooking stove that’s not working or unreliable, wouldn’t that make your trip a little less pleasant than it should be? For me, I think that’s something that can be easily avoided if you have a good plan as well as reliable cooking tools.

That’s why many campers as well as I recommend MSR Whisperlite Camping Stove (in fact, it has won the Editor’s Choice Award in the famous Backpacker magazine). There’re many reasons why this camping stove is one of the campers’ must-have items especially while on long-time camping trip in the remote location. But different people have different preferences, so why not read our MSR Whisperlite review and see what this tool has to offer.

What’s so special about this WhisperLite Camping Stove?

MSR Whisperlite fuel

  • Efficient Multifuel Capabilities: What this means is that the stove can burn both liquid gas and canister fuel. The user simply switches the modes very easily as opposed to the previous models of the multifuel stoves. With this one, the user simply needs to change the jets on the head of the fuel line and attach new one to the new container the user wants to use.
  • Its Reliable and Durable Design and Functions: when camping requires a lot of packing and unpacking, moving up and down here and there, it’s easy that one might kick over some things and break them. MSR knows this fact and they are not going to compromise the stove quality and material because of that fact. Therefore, MSR Whisperlite camp stove has been built to have the technology called AirControl preventing the steep tail-off which can happen with other camping stoves when the fuel pressure drops. The patented technology allows the stove to burn fuel evenly which makes it great when used in the high altitude, subfreezing locations.

But MSR Whisperlite Fuel Stove is not perfect…

According to the Backpacker Magazine’s Review, ““Testers had two gripes – priming can be futzy, and you must take care not to lose several small parts – but overall they agreed with an editor who called it “the new benchmark for stove versatility.”

However, if you have used camping stoves in the past you will know that all stoves do have some problems, and when compared with many other stoves, WhisperLite’s seem very minimal and can easily be taken care of. In my opinion, just the fact that this stove can burn evenly while being light in weight beats the minor problems mentioned there.

My final words about this WhisperLite Stove by MSR

It’s been awhile since the last time I have met a camping utility that I can actually give 5 star rating and this MSR WhiperLite Universal is one of them. It’s very likely that this stove will be a good investment for regular campers and they will not need to buy another camping in a very long time!


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