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Kayaking – Interesting Sport!

Do you like kayaking?

Many people love this watersport as they say kayaking as a sport of the summer season. All members of the family can join this sport as kayaking is really pleasurable and interesting.

There are so many kinds of kayaks nowadays, including a canoe kayak. Although it is very similar to the canoe, the kayak definitely has its major differences.

Here are some main differences between a canoe and a kayak.

  • When you row in kayak, your legs extended under the deck and his upper body rising from a central hole in the deck, while a canoer you will kneel in the boat.
  • Another difference is the paddle. A canoe applies a shorter paddle with a blade on only one end while the kayak uses a longer paddle with blades at both ends of the rod.
  • Besides kayaking and canoeing, white water rafting is another kind of sport that can make your adrenaline rush. You will have a wonderful experience and see beautiful scenery or enjoy a workout traveling.
  • If you are interested in this water rafting, whitewater rafting in Maine will be the best place that offer you a lifetime experience.


There are several equipments that you will absolutely need when you are doing kayaking. The first one and the most important piece of equipment you’re going to need for kayaking is the kayak. You will have to select a kayak that is large enough for all members to fit into, but not too big  that you are not going to be able to control it.

Paddles are also another necessity in Kayaking to move the kayak. Before you head out on a kayaking adventure you’re going to require to learn how to apply these paddles, and they can absolutely be a little difficult to start with.

It’s okay to wear your regular clothes while you are kayaking, but it’s definitely essential to wear paricular clothing like wetsuit. It is because the wetsuit won’t weigh you down if you are falling into the water. And definitely you will not random pieces of your outfit getting trapped on the kayak.

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