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How to choose best tents for camping – Some simple steps to a good buy

The most important thing you should ask when buying the best camping tent is: How will I use my tent?

The answer is many things whether you use it for camping with the family, festival, games for the kids in your garden. Cycling holidays with boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe for hiking.

Festival tent

This kind of tent is of a simple construction. They are easy to set up and take up little space in your pack. The fabrics are not always completely waterproof and the seams in the tents are not taped. 

The idea behind the tents is that they should be cheap to buy and it is not too costly if they are forgotten or broken.

Bike, motorbike and mountain tents

These tents are built to withstand harder use than normal camping tent. Depending on the price levels you can buy a tent that can handle a lot of rain and strong wind. These tents are manufactured exclusively in polyester outer fabric.

Lattice water column is usually from 1500 mm upwards. Tent at the lower levels have bows made of fiber-glass, and the tents that are higher in price levels produced with arches made of aluminum. This type of bows is lighter and stronger. This category of tents are manufactured both as a tunnel and dome tents.

camping tent 1

Camping and family camping

This is the best selling category of tents. Family tents have become bigger, better and easier. Gone are the old housing tents which weighed 50 pounds and required a football team to assemble at the campsite.

Now these tents constructed in the same way as the small tents.

Tunnel or dome design makes it incredibly easy to set up the tents. The inner height of the tents is up to 210 cm for optimum comfort. These tents are usually in 4 – to 6-person version. To cope with a rainy camping week should be tent to have a water column of 2000 mm and above.

camping tent

Dome tents:

Construction on the tent with crossed arms. Wind Stable tent that is self-supporting. That is, when you sat in the bows, stretched the tent up by themselves.

Dome tents are especially good for use on rocks and other hard surfaces when it can be difficult to attach the tent pegs into the ground.

Tunnel Tent:

This is the description of the tent with parallel arcs. This is the most common tent model for hiking. Tunnel tent is now available both as hiking tents and camping tents. The design makes it easy to produce spacious tent, which offers good space for luggage.

Water column:

Unit of measure of how much water pressure tent fabric will tolerate. The higher the number, the more pressure the fabric.

Taped seams:

To the seams shall be watertight, glued to the tape on the outside seam on the inside of the tent.


Synthetic fabric that is more tear resistant and more resistant to UV radiation than, for example nylon.

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Kimhak - December 27, 2017

For me, I recommend Colman tent Brand because it is the best seller on Amazon.


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