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Gulf Shores Motel, Beach Houses & RV Parks

Gulf Shores is one of the most favored tourist destinations in Alabama.

Located along the Gulf Coast, it boasts of alluring white sandy beaches and really cheap Gulf Shores motels and hotels. Besides hotels in Gulf Shores, AL, when you compare this beach with the beaches of Florida, many feel that they were quieter and less expensive to visit.

If you are ready to visit Gulf Shores, AL, is available below are a few things to consider:

motel Gulf Shores

  • Bring sunscreen and lotion, but place them in zip-seal freezer bags. Put them together with your cold drinks. You’ll find it very refreshing to re-apply them in humid, hot summer months…
  • Have lots of ice. This has much to do with planning ahead. Before your trip, freeze up those water bottles and juice boxes. That way, you do not pack up too much ice in your cooler, they’re already thirst-quenching when the blend. Note: never freeze anything that has carbonation. It is – to avoid the mess ups.
  • Pack the bags and take charge of your garbage. When storing beach toys, place them in a plastic garbage bag then dump them on the beach while stashing the bag. You can just pack them at the end of the day to minimize the sand from entering and spreading in the car.
  • Get one to two liters of freezer bags you can use to transport your clothes. By rolling each item separately and tight, you should be able to pack an entire outfit in a small space.
  • When pushing out the air, make sure you find out as much as you can while sealing. With a 2-liter bag, you can have more space for a bath towel or cloth. There are public beaches in and around Orange Beach and Gulf Shores offer shower. At the end of the day, when you shower, you can place them inside the individual bags..
  • Calculate how many garbage bags you may need but have another one. Be an advocate for the environment by doing your part to clean up before you go.

Find Gulf Shores Motels and Hotels

There are lots of rental properties can be found in Gulf Shores. They range from budget to luxury. You will find that most hotels in Gulf Shores, AL and other rental places are condominium types – most with views of enticing beaches. There are also beach houses in the area.

For really cheap housing, you can try with their RV parks. You will also find the lake cabins, campsites and cabins for rent at Gulf State Park.

The Alabama State Park, they offer an alternative for mobile homes, they have a tent or cabin camping. You can find the new trees in the vicinity, there is electricity, water and even sewage, connect to your RV. They also provide restrooms and showers throughout its air-conditioned buildings. The best thing about these RV parks is that they are very close to the beach.

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