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Find Rafting Trips With Rafting America

Rafting America is a gateway site to 20 popular companies that offer rafting trips in the U.S., Canada and South America. These whitewater rafting companies have half a day to multiple day trips for beginners to experts, on rivers ranging from the Snake River in Utah and Arkansas River in Colorado, Gauley and New Rivers in West Virginia, to the Nahanni River in Canada’s northern territories and Chile’s Futaleufu River for Class IV-V water.

How to find rafting on Rafting America

whitewater raftsOn the site map you can click on the language you want to go rafting. If there is a company that offers a tour of the region, the name will pop up. Follow the link and you get to the rafting company’s website where it will be a complete description of river rafting trips.

To find rafting visits Rafting America.

best whitewater raftingIf you’re looking for more companies that offer rafting trips all over the world, visit Where to Find the Best River Rafting trips. If you are looking for tour operators and companies offering rafting in an adventure travel, or other types of adventure travel, visit champions Adventure Travel.

Top River Rafting Destinations – Where to Find the Best Travel White Water Raft


Want to go rafting on the Colorado, Snake, Gauley rivers or even abroad?

Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun. Whitewater rafting provides voltage, chills, and also a single waste. You’ll find great river rafting rides in water from Alaska and Colorado to Peru and Fiji. While the wildest ride on the many rivers are in the spring, you can find float trips throughout the summer and early fall, and trips through stronger rapids on rivers that have dam-release water. The generally accepted international grading system puts whitewater rafting in classes I to VI, with I being the most gentle waters and VI promises the most extreme rapids.

white water adventures

1) Fishing line with Adventures with Line Adventures

Row Adventures offers over 30 different trips on 13 rivers, including the Salmon and Snake rivers in Idaho, Missouri and Clark Fork in Montana, and the Grande Ronde, Oregon / Washington. The company also offers a trip that includes rafting, mountain biking and hiking, while nights at River Dance Lodge in Idaho.

2) Find River Rafting – Rafting Trips through America

Rafting America is a gateway site to the 20 companies that offer rafting trips in the U.S. and Canada. These companies offer half-day to multiple day trips for beginners to experts; the river extends from the Snake River in Utah and Arkansas River in Colorado, Gauley and New rivers in West Virginia. The site’s map, click on the state where you want to go rafting and company name can appear

3) Orion River Expeditions

Orion River Expeditions offers single and multi-day trips on the Skykomish, the Wenatchee, the Deschutes and other rivers in the northwest.

4) Rafting Trips with River Expeditions in West Virginia

River Expeditions runs white water rafting trips on rivers in West Virginia. You can take a single day raft trips or overnight stays where you can choose from camping or staying in a hotel.

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 5) River Rafting with Nantahala Outdoor Center

One of the largest rafting company who operates Natahala river rafting trips on nine rivers in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, including the Nantahala, Ocoee, Chattooga, Pigeon and French Broad rivers.

 6) River Rafting with Don Hatch River Expeditions

Don Hatch River Expeditions focuses on rivers in the southwestern United States. Rafters can float on the Yampa River that cuts through the canyons of Dinosaur National Park, the Green River through Lodore ports or the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon.

7) Rafting with oars

Oars offers more than 20 new and classic white water rafting trips in locations from Alaska to Fiji; the company also offers multi-sport trips such as rafting in the Apurimac River, the source of the Amazon and take a lodge to lodge trek to Machu Picchu.

8 ) Rafting in Lehigh Gorge with Pocono Whitewater

Pocono Whitewater offers three Lehigh Gorge whitewater rafting trips. Another choice is mountain biking in the Lehigh Gorge and rafting the Lehigh River.

9) Wilderness Aware Offers Whitewater River Rafting in Colorado and Arizona

This firm, twice named “Colorado Company of the Year ‘, offers raft trips on the Platte, The Delores and Colorado rivers in Colorado, and Salt River in Arizona.

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