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Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Family Tent

 Shopping for tents has become a subject that many families across the states are talking about since camping is one of the most popular getaways families can do together to enjoy each other’s company. Camping is an affordable way to spend vacation time but there are a few things to remember when it comes to shopping for the ideal tents for family. This post we will give you a brief guide on how to choose the best tents for families.

Do follow the following factors to help you find the best tent for family camping:

camping tent for family

Size of the tent – you will want to consider the size based on the members of the campers. This is not a difficult thing to do because manufacturers do specify the tent size based on the number of persons very clearly. Not only should you consider the information of the space of the tent as specified on the label, you should also remember that each person will be bringing their gear and equipment along so be sure to always consider space for storage. Keep in mind that big tents are more suitable for camping areas where there is a smooth equal-leveled ground.

Weight of the tent – think about the activities you’ll be doing on the particular hiking trip. If it requires a lot of walking up the hills to the camping site where you will put up the tent, you might not want to bring with you a heavy tent. The heavier ones are more suitable for those whose destinations can be reached with vehicles.

The seasons and weather – most modern tents are designed to be comfortable for most seasons of the year. But it is wise to learn about the materials and designs and how they affect the environment of your stay. For adventurous trips where you will be camping in the harsher weather conditions like in winter time, it’s wise to choose tents that are polyurethane coated fabrics, with polyester walls, while some tents that are intended for summer camping will provide mesh ceiling, mesh windows, and lighter fabric for better ventilation.

Tent special features – each family have their style of camping where one might enjoy extra storage space, the other one might enjoy the fast-setting up feature of the tent. There are also some other extra amenities with modern tents like screened area that can act like a patio area of the tent like a house has. One might prefer parting curtain to separate one big space into two small rooms. There are just so many options you can choose from with modern family tents depending on each family’s personal favor.

best tent for family camping

Whichever tent you decide to buy, it’s always important to remember that when the fun is over, remember to keep good maintenance of the tent for the next vacation to come. These tents are not cheap (at least the quality ones anyway), therefore you want to make the best of your investment by being able to use them on many trips. Always dry them before putting them away to avoid mold and unpleasant odor.

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