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What to Consider When Buying Cross Country Skiing Equipment

What to consider when buying cross country ski equipment

What should I consider when buying cross country skiing equipment, the boots and poles should I have? Here are some tips that might come in handy when you buy skis and other equipment for cross country skiing.

Choosing the Right Skis

The combination of height, weight and techniques determine what type of ski you choose. The span is important to have good glide and grip on the snow. Your weight and technology to control the hardness of the team you should opt for soft pods provide poor sliding and hard pods makes the SLIPPERY.

Body weight is more important than height when choosing skis. Generally, the length sheath is slightly longer than your height.

How will you use your skis?

Choosing the Right Skis

Walking or touring. 
This type here is suitable as it is somewhat wider sheath that provides good stability in the skiing. Camber should be soft, because the ride is fairly quiet and you seek no fast rides. This type of skis are both free waxing and waxing only.

Exercise and fitness rides 
Now it’s about out and sweat in the groove. Then you should choose a ski that is light and slim. With a lining that can be wax in an easy way for both kick and glide. Do you have a high level of ambition with your training; you should choose a ski that also fits the next category.

Endurance and competitive rides 
This is where most of the ski models in today’s stores. The range is wide and varied. Most skis in this category, suitable for both beginners and talented riders, provided that the team is properly tested. The skis are narrow and very light. Base for this kind of skis are high technology and provides good opportunity for the waxing of all types.


Choosing the Right Ski Bindings

Length Bonds goes with which shoes you will choose. There are two different systems to choose from. SNS and NNN are two different standards, with different soles. It is important to choose a shoe that fits more right binding system.

choosing ski binding

Choosing the Right Cross country shoes

In the section on bonds, hear the shoes together with various bonding systems. The shoes are very individual and different brands fit different feet. Try out properly when you’re in the store. Nowadays there are many packages of equipment being sold. Try them out and see how they feel before purchasing. You should know if it does not fit, it is important that you choose a different model.

Remember to choose shoe for skating. If you go quietly and slowly, the heat is clearly important. Should, however, you go out and train, the weight and stability that are decisive. A good length of shoe for training and competition riding is easy and has good support for the ankle and arch.

Choosing the Right Rods

Cross country ski poles are an incredibly important part of your equipment. They should be about 25-35 cm shorter than your height. A benchmark is that you hold the rod in front of the body, then the tip of the rod hand to the shoulder.

Length bars are manufactured in different materials like aluminum or carbon. Importantly, the rod is easy and stable. Should you run long distance races or race, choose a rigid and lightweight rod. The handle should be light weight material and having a strap with a Velcro, which stabilizes the wrist (control-loop).

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