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Colorado Ski Areas – Winter Holiday for Skiers

Colorado is a place well known for skiing trips and winter sports because of its landscape…

Colorado ski areas, and its top ski resorts attract many ski enthusiasts every year.

Copper Mountain in Colorado is one of the best place to go skiing and do some extreme sports. It offers many levels of slopes for both beginners and advanced skiers.

For that reason, it is a famous spot for family skiers as all members can enjoy skiing there regardless of how skillful each member is at it.

Colorado Ski Areas for All Levels of Skiers

15 miles from Aspen, you will find a snowmass that offers plenty of slopes for both intermediate and advanced skiers. They also have shallow slopes for beginners to practice their skills as well.

This is an ideal destination for both skiers and snowboarders to spend their time practicing as well as racing as there’re several racing events held there each year.

The ski experts will enjoy over 143 slops at Winter Pak in Colorado as there are a wide range of slopes suitable for various skill levels of skiing set up in that one area.

Also if you’re looking for the steepest ski slopes in Colorado, the best place to go is Winter Pak where the steepest slopes can be found to add some thrills and excitement to your skiing holiday.

Those slopes are known for being some of deepest and most dangerous that in fact you have to subscribe for their orientation class to get brief introduction of the landscape before actually skiing at the place.

The introduction class will inform you of what to watch out for in terms of safety and what signs to look for when it comes to things to avoid.

There will be an agreement that you will have to sign that you won’t hold the Winter Park responsible for any accidents that can happen during your skiing sessions. This orientation class fee is USD$20 per person and it’s a one-time fee, which covers all return visits of the whole season.

Colorado Ski Areas for Intermediate Skiers

The second place you can visit for skiing experience in Colorado is Telluride where you will find 84 slops and beautiful scenery and some more privacy when compared to the Winter Park. This is an ideal place for

This is an ideal place for snowboarders however; the downside of Telluride is that the accommodation price is higher. Therefore, it is limited to those who can afford to spend more on their skiing vacations.

If you happen to be an intermediate skier, Steamboat Springs will be a place for you as there are more slopes that are great for this category of skiers.

Over 160 slops that are not dangerous or too steep offer plenty of room for you to entertain yourselves to the whole day. Not only is this place a great destination for winter visits because of its skiing landscape, but it is easy to get to as it’s only minutes away from the airport. Another great thing about it is that many travel agents have cheap deals with accommodation at this place. You can buy the all-inclusive packages from travel agents for your ski holiday at Steamboat Springs.

Another great thing about it is that many travel agents have cheap deals with accommodation at this place. You can buy the all-inclusive packages from travel agents for your ski holiday at Steamboat Springs.

Getting to the Colorado Ski Areas

If you are planning to drive, it is advised that you know where you’re going and that your cars need to be in good conditions and get checked up before heading out.

The road conditions to these places can be quite slippery due to the ice and snow. If you are driving there make sure that your vehicle is four-wheeled drive ones that have enough power to get up on the deep slopes.

Keep yourself informed of the weather conditions before heading there will also be a great idea. There’s nothing worse than heading to your holiday destination expecting to have a blast only to find yourself stuck somewhere on the way, is there?

If you’re going to some of the more remote areas, it is wise to bring some canned foods and beverages with you in case you happen to be held up somewhere where there are limited resources.

Bring some blankets and small pillows with you if you have to spend the night on the way.  It’s always a good idea to be safe than sorry.

As Colorado is a popular spot for winter vacations, you might want to decide earlier on in the year and start doing some research either talking with your local travel agencies or looking it up on the internet.

Compare the prices and availability of the resorts as well as the list of things to do to occupy your days. That is how you can get the most out of your skiing or winter vacations.

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