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Coleman Evanston Tents Review

Hi and welcome, in this review I will look at the Coleman Evanston tents. You might have heard that this is a great tent without any big problems. Unfortunately this isn’t true; this tent has a couple of flaws that are not too obvious at first glance.

So is this tent useless? No, far from it. It is cheap and the overall quality is good. If you are not a regular camper and you only plan on using the tent once in a while, this might be for you… Read on…

Here Is What This Review Will Cover

  • The tent – what do you get?
  • The Coleman Elite Evanston 8 tent
  • Pros and cons
  • Who is this tent most suited for?
  • Where to get the best deal

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The Tent – What Do You Get?

It is a dome tent with a front porch that gives you shade and a good place to hang out. It is easy and quite fast to pitch when you know what you are doing, the first time around it might take a little longer.

One of the great appeals of the Coleman Evanston is the price, even the largest model the 8 person tent is less than $200 at Amazon. You are hard pressed to find an 8 person tent this cheap anywhere else.

Being a big tent it is very suitable for families, it has got a high center height ranging from 68-74 inches depending on the model. If you are getting a family tent then it is often a good idea to get a bigger tent because a small tent can get very cramped with both parents and kids staying there. You can easily stand up in this tent which lets you roam around; this is another benefit when camping with the family.

One of the problems with the Coleman Evanston tents is that it uses fiberglass tent poles. These kinds of poles are not as strong as aluminum tent poles. They are of course test and won’t break the first time you use them but over time they will wear and might need to be replaced.

Another problem is that on the regular model the outdoor area isn’t enclosed. All it really does is give some shade but no protection from the bugs that you would want from an outdoor living area. Fortunately for a little extra you can get a screen that covers up the extra living area. I highly recommend this extra feature.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent


The Coleman Elite Evanston 8 Tent

The elite model offers more convenience at a higher price. You get a hinged front door and overhead light with wall-mounted switch which makes life a little easier. Is it worth it? In my opinion, no. The money is better spent on some quality flashlights or other camping gear.

Coleman Elite Evanston 8 Tent

Pros And Cons


  • Fiberglass tent poles – These are not as strong as aluminum poles but if you are not planning on going camping every weekend you should be fine…
  • Outdoor area – If you don’t get the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent the outdoor living area is kind of useless. Luckily for a little extra you can get a screen for your tent…
  • Big – This is a big tent so it is no suitable for backpacking…


  • Price – This tent is cheap even when you buy the extra screen…
  • Tent footprint included – This will save you an additional $100…
  • Electrical access port for charging electronics – A nice little extra feature that makes living in the tent much easier…

Who Is This Tent Most Suited For?

For families that likes camping and wants a big tent. It is a good idea to buy the bigger size like the Coleman Evanston 8 or 6 even if your family is small. The extra space is really worth the few extra dollars you pay.

Where To Get It?

If you are going to buy it then get it from Amazon.com. It is a store that is well known all over the world and the cheapest online. If you buy from them your credit card is safe and you know you will get your tent. Plus you can read more reviews from other consumers.

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