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Choosing the Best Family Tent

The tent is one of the most important parts of your equipment. The best tent provides shelter during storms and space for rest and recovery. To be able to choose a model that suits you, you must first determine your needs. How should it be used? Mountain hiking, kayaking, travel, family camping. How many will live in it? Should it be used in both summer and winter? Is the weight and pack size important?

A good tent should be easy to put up in all weather conditions and be durable fabrics that can withstand high levels of abrasion, sunlight and water column i.e. pressure of water. The seams must be both waterproof and strong and fittings for storm lines thought out and reinforced. The best tent poles are made of quality aluminum. Ventilation will be many opportunities to prevent condensation and mosquito netting to keep insects out and contribute to improved ventilation.

screened tentsTunnel tent, as opposed to a free standing tent, does not stand up by itself without the need for pegs and guy lines to make it stand up. It rains frequently in Sweden and therefore the tunnel tent, the most common version of the Swedish mountains. This is because the advantages of a large vestibule. The apse is meant the extra area outside the sleeping area which usually has no floor. There is plenty of space for storage and drying equipment and for example cooking when the weather is unstable. Tunnel tents are easy to set up and it always begins with a short side against the wind. The inner and outer tents stuck together and erected at the same time and thus avoid the inner tent wet.

Self-constructing tent, canoe’s favorite

Self-constructing tents often referred to dome tents, standing up with only bows and is therefore suitable for terrain where it is difficult to attach pegs such as on rocks. Dome tents require a smaller support surface than tunnel tents. They crossed arches makes the tent gets very tense resulting in a quieter tent when the wind blows. They fit very well in places where it is exposed to the toughest weather conditions. If you choose a free standing tent, you will usually higher headroom inside the tent and vestibule less than in a tunnel tent.

Best Group & Family Tent

large family camping tents

The best family tents are great for family holidays and when the need for comfort exceeds the needs of packing ability and weight. We have several series of tents designed with two – four separate sleeping compartments and a single large vestibule in the middle or front. Between 3 -14 people can sleep and live in the main tent.

We recommend the following tents for family camping:

Eureka! Titan – Tent ( for 8 people)

Eureka! Titan - Tent


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Tent Fabrics and ground sheet

Tent fabrics have to be light and extremely durable. The structures in the tents can boost durability significantly. In addition, various fabrics do different jobs – one inner tent to ventilate while a flysheet and a floor are holding tight against moisture.


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