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Choosing The Best Road Bike Tires and Inner Tubes

By Jason C. Moore | Cycling

Jun 18
best road bike tire

Finding the right bicycle tire and tube is easier than it seems.

All bicycle tires are marked on the page with information about which dimension they are made in. The dimension along with the valve as the bike is equipped with is what you need to choose new tires and tubes to cycle.

There are two types of labels, in inches e.g. 26 * 2.1 “, and millimeters on the side of the tire such as 54/559. 26 & 559, the diameter cannot be changed. 2.1” & 54 is the width that can be varied. (Make sure the frame and screens, etc. do not take in)

The hose is relative to the deck, so have you noticed the tire dimension and which valve you need, so it is enough to buy the right size in the store.

bike tire repair

In the shop there are also translation table that helps when you want to translate inches to millimeters and vice versa.

When selecting new tires for the bike you have to start from the rim size that is equal to the diameter of the tire. What you can control the width of the tire, narrower alt wider, and the tread pattern that is appropriate for the supporting documents you must use it. Smooth surface – fine pattern, uneven ground – coarse pattern.

For the Sport Bikes and Classic choose most often puncture-protected tires.

Children Bicycles are the tires with the standard pattern, Racing and mountain bike tires finer, preferably with a foldable bead and light weight as possible.

Valve types are:

A: Racer valve, also called performance, RV alt. FV.

B: Schraeder valve, also called Schrader, BV alt AV.

C: The usual cycle valve, also called flash valve, Dunlop alt. DV.

TYREvalve types

  • The tire pressure recommended is on the side of the tire.
  • A general guide is:
  • Kids / Junior 2kg
  • MTB / Dirt / Classic 2.5-3kg
  • Sports 3-4kg
  • Racer 6-8kg

Some basic rules: the more air the more weight the tire can carry (air pressure shall prevent the tire from being compressed, then carry the rider’s weight)

Wider tires lower pressures, narrower tires higher pressure. Higher weight, higher pressure.

Higher pressure prevents tire wear and the best protection against puncture.

 mountain bike tire tubes

How to fit a mountain bike tire

In this instructional video from Continental gives you a clear and practical review of how best to mount the new tire and tube on your mountain bike for the best security and performance.

How do you do when you get a puncture on a mountain bike tire

In this instructional video from Continental provides a clear and practical overview of how to go about to fix a flat tire on a mountain bike tire for optimum safety and performance.

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