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Catfishing Rigs – Find Out What The Best Rigs Are

Catfishing Rigs

Find Out What The Best Rigs Are…

When it comes to setting up your fishing line with bait, you need to learn about making proper a catfishing rig. This concerns the amount of weight you attach to the line to catch the bigger catfish.

You can find yourself distracted when opting for good catfishing rigs due to its huge variety but it is best to just stick to something simple that requires a weight and/or bobber with a sturdy hook with a good fish bait.

A deep catfish rig is one of the basic rigs that you should opt for when first starting out. All it requires is a good, sturdy weight as opposed to a hook attached to the end of the line. When you place a weight at the end of the line, you can avoid snags. The weight should be around one ounce or so, and attached to the end of the line with a palomar knot.

This knot is good for attaching a hook, weight, and other things to the end of the line. It barely has any problem when it comes to tying up or being pulled loose. You can easily snap the line before the knots unravel.

What you want to do next is tie the hook at the point of 12-18 inches up from the end of the line. You can also use a wired leader to keep the line attached to your hook and to avoid it from getting wrapped around the line attached to your weight.

If you’re tackling smaller channel catfish, and you’re using the chicken livers, worms, or dip baits, opt for a smaller hook like a number 2, and all the way up to a 2/0. If you’re fishing with shad or perch catfish bait to get the big catfish, go for number 8/0, or 9/0. For that this hook setting is way better, and the fish won’t tend to straighten or get away once they’ve got hooked.

Rigs For Shallow Water

For shallow water catfishing, go with a shallow catfish rig. This type of rig requires good catfish bobbers which should be placed two to three feet from the hook, or depending on how deep you want to fish. Right above the bobber, place a split shot or two between the bobber and hook. This also applies with regards to which type of hook you use – consider your bait and the catfish types and the sizes that you’re going after.

Each type of catfishing rigs vary based on their designs and their purpose. You will want to consider things like the temperature conditions, the weather, and the time of the year when you set up the rigs. Effective catfishing rigs make all the difference and give you a huge advantage when it comes to catching bigger catfish, and the fishing can be done with much more ease.

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