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Catfishing in Ponds – Learn How To Get The Greatest Catch

Catfishing in Ponds

Learn How To Get The Greatest Catch

What you need to be aware of when catfishing in ponds is that there are three types of the catfish. The first one is the Channel Catfish; the smallest and the ones you’re likely to be catching. The other two ones are larger which are the Flathead and the Blue catfish. These two can grow quite significantly in sizes.

Types Of Catfish In Ponds

The characteristics of the Channel catfish is that they do like to eat junk food meaning they pick off the dead bugs on the water’s surface, or the dead forage fish hence the reason they like to stay in ponds. The Channel catfish are easy to catch, and they can survive after a catch and be released.

The Flathead catfish are also easy to catch. They eat quite a lot and that is why they appear on the water’s surface quite often which makes it easy to catch them. Whereas for the

Blue catfish, they are more difficult because of their diet and eating styles, they eat less and don’t come to the surface much.

How To Catch A Catfish In A Pond

We recommend two confrontation strategies when catfishing in ponds. If you’re up against a larger catfish like blues and flatheads, you might want to use medium action rod with a baitcasting reel or a spinning one as your catfishing reel. You might try to use the treble hooks as these catfish will suckle the bait off of a single point hook and with the treble hooks, the cats won’t be able to get the bait off which makes it easier for you to catch them.

With the smaller catfish , you can easily use the ultra-light fishing tactic, using a few rods. When you have two of the lines soaking at the same time you will increase the chances of having better catch. Soak the lines but make sure the drags are set loose on the reels, as the fish can swim off with the bait hooking themselves in the process. Once you hear the drag squeaking, tighten the rod down til you feel the pressure. That’s when you start fighting the fish. This usually works to keep this type of catfish hooked.

The mentioned types of catfish are usually not difficult to catch once you give your bait enough time to soak. Throw a bit of dog food or sweet corn into the water to attract them and bring them closer to you to make it easier for you to catch them. If you aim for bigger catfish, it is probably a good idea to go catfishing at night as this is when the big guys come out. Just make sure you bring with you the bigger, and stinkier catfishing bait.

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