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Catfishing Gear – Find The Perfect Catfishing Line And Find The Right Catfishing Reel

Catfishing Gear

Find The Perfect Catfishing Line And Find The Right Catfishing Reel

Typically, people don’t pay much attention to catfishing line when it comes to catfishing. It all comes down to the rod and reel as well as the terminal gear. Not having the right catfishing line, and you stand the chance of losing many big catfish you should’ve been able to catch. There are a few things you should consider before purchasing your fishing line.

Catfishing should be treated as a sport. If catfishing is a sport then hooking a fish and just hauling it in doesn’t feel like a fair fight. For it to be sport there has to be a fight to see if your skill can win over sheer power and land that big catch.

Having said that, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” will also be a wise motto. The most powerful fish you’re about to go up against are the blue and flathead catfish that weigh over 50 pounds. Based on records, some can even be over 120 pounds.

Another thing you should bare in mind is the conditions of the water in the deep levels. Many objects like rocks and snags that migh come across your catfishing line can easily do  big damage to your line. Big catfish will run for cover when hooked and if they make it there chances are you have lost this battle.

There are 3 types of catfishing line to consider, but if you’re new to catfishing, pay most attention to the strength. Your major line should stay under 20 lb. test. Spend a little more by using 40-50 lb on a braided line. Test.

That is not sporting you say. Making a use of 50 lb. test line to hook a 10 lb. catfish. As a leader, put a lighter line at the end of terminal tackle next to a swivel with your sinker on the main line. This will become cheaper for you.

The most important catfishing gear that you need to get right when you first learn catfishing, is choosing good catfishing reels.

Another objective of this article is to walk you through different types and brands of catfising reels, as a basic guideline when opting for a good catfishing equipment.

Let’s go through one of the most significant points to take note is the kind of set up you will get. There are several different types of reels on the market known as bait casting (baitcaster), spinning and spincasting.

While some find it acceptable to use a spincasting or spinning model for catfishing most hardcore catters prefer to use a baitcasting model (also known as a baitcaster). Many catters are reluctant by these kinds of fishing reels for catfishing but don’t be. To become a good catfisher you need to have a bait casting model and learn to use it well. This can be accomplished quickly and easily and with a few short hours in the yard you can be casting like a pro in no time.

You will find it a great skill to learn to cast with this type of reels. Dont’ get stuck with just using the spinning and spincasting gear. Efficient, and well-known catfishing tricks involves the area found on good baitcasting setups.

The features of good catfishing reels:

There are many aspects and things to take into account when shopping for catfishing reels. These are some of the top features and items that you will need.

Line Capacity – Get a reel with good line capacity capable of holding a good amount of heavy pound test fishing line.

Drag – Everyone wants a good smooth when landing huge catfish, this is important.

Gear Ratio – Opt for a minimal gear ratio on the fishing reel. You will get a slower retrieve and more power. A reel that comes with a gear ratio at 3:1 is much slower when retrieve than when setup at a 6:1 ratio. Just to be clear, slower is better, in this regard.

Bait Clicker/Line Alarm – A bait clicker or line alarm is an crucial part for many catfishmen when shopping for catfishing reels. There are many techniques that are used that require the bait clicker or line alarm function.

A popular brand to look for when choosing fishing reels for catfishing are Abu Garcia it is the on I am using and I recommend it. For more information and the best price online head over to Amazon.com

Look around for the top features that you need at the most affordable price range and make sure that when you’re shopping for catfishing reels, get the correct features as mentioned above as it is one of the factors to your catfishing success.

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