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Catfishing Baits – Find The The Best Bait To Catch The Biggest Catfish…

Catfishing Baits

Find The The Best Bait To Catch The Biggest Catfish…

Everyone wants to catch a big catfish, and one of the best catfishing tips you can ever get is to get a good catfishing bait. Most catfish eat everything whether it’s meat or vegetables, both alive and dead ones. They are the least picky animals when it comes to food.

This gives a great variety of choice to the anglers when making baits for catfishing. Those typically used as baits are live perch, shad, crawfish, worms, minnows, grasshoppers, chicken liver, stink baits, might crawlers, marshmallows, and small frogs. But the most preferred is live bait, best if you go for stinky ones, as catfish have great sense of smell.

Worms can be a great choice when it comes to catfishing bait making. Night crawlers or garden worms are used most often as they’re easier to find and they seem to be the catfish’s favourite. They can be bought from all bait shops but they can also be found in your house backyard.

Small water animals like shrimps and small prawns are also favorable bait of the catfish. You can either cut them into smaller pieces or use the whole prawn. It is best you use them without their shells, although with the shells is also doable. They can be bought from your local supermarket; frozen or fresh. To make the odor stronger to invite the catfish, soak them in fish sauce for a few minutes before using.

You can also come up with your own homemade catfishing bait recipes for catfishing. A few spoonfuls of peanut butter on top of corn flakes then mix them well together, and you’re done. This homemade recipe with the peanut butter helps attracting the fish due to its smell.

And the bonus is the sticky texture of the peanut butter makes it almost impossible for the small fish to get off the hook, if you wrap a piece of bread ball around it to cover the hook. Also this type of bait will also be efficient way to catch the hook-shy fish that has been caught and released before. You can even use cheese, as it’s also the catfish’s favorite.

Use Your Imagination And Make Your Own Catfish Bait

You can feel free to use your imagination when it comes to cooking baits for catfishing. When it comes to food, the catfish rely on their senses of smell due to their weak eyesight. So the more smelly the baits are the more likely the catfish will be attracted to go near the area where all the catfishing noodling will take place. To sum up, it is best to use stink bait for catfish .

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