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Bicycle Buying Guide

How to buy a mountain bike and how to buy a road bike…

Buying a bicycle is a relatively expensive investment and it’s important that you get the right bike, we think mainly of security, size, design and comfort.

Your bike should you feel comfortable with for many years and use as often as possible. Therefore you should take your time and gather information before you decide which bike to buy.

Which Bike Should You Buy?

If you live in town and only intend to use bicycle over short distances you should perhaps choose comfort bike. If you are however planning on going off on a cycling holiday maybe it’s better to have a trekking bike.

In the country it might fit best with a mountain bike and a racer if you are practicing.

When you know which type of bike you want, you can go to a bike shop where you can both get good help and service from expert staff.

 When to buy a bicycle, you are entitled to have test ride before you buy it and test ride a bike like several different types and models. Feel even after so that the brakes are well tuned, they’ll pinch evenly and well without locking the wheels.

 Bicycle buying guide:

mountain bike buying guide

Classic A traditional Swedish cycle type with big wheels (26-28) and upright riding position, wide saddle, high handlebar and footbrake. Classic is ideal for daily use, short to medium-long tours at a relaxed tempo.

Convenience in the first place and it is usually more important with a comfortable saddle and basket than what material the frame is made in.

The transmission is integrated into the hub and is very easy to handle and use, this in combination with foot brake, fenders and luggage rack, etc. in the basic model, makes it easy bike to buy and own.

The tires are usually of little wider variety, and this offers a great comfort and the opportunity to ride on poorer gravel roads the tire volume addresses the impact.

bicycle buying guide


There are two basic types of BMX, those who drive on the dirt track (sport BMX is an Olympic discipline since 2008) as well as street and ramp riding bicycles.

  • BMX usually have 20 “wheels, but is also available in 16” for the younger talent.
  • There are some items of equipment that separates a BMX from a regular bike.
  • Gyro, a feature that allows the handlebars to spin several revolutions without the brake cables tangling.
  • Axelpegs, an extension of the axles that make it possible to grind, that glide with pegs on rapens top (coping), or various things around town, as rails.

BMX is a lifestyle product that requires service and can be seen more as a hobby, other than vehicles. BMX bikes too much damage, so we recommend a bike with a triple Crank set and 48 spoke wheels with 14mm hub axle, to reduce wear, the pieces can always get on a BMX. It’s about how long it will hold before changing parts.

All should wear helmets, and many use shin guards (shin guards) and arm and knee pads for ramp skating.

Mountain bikes are available in 2 different versions

The original is with 26 “wheels and the later version is with 29 “wheels. The larger wheels will mainly benefit the rolling resistance and flotation on soft ground, and the ability to get over roots and rocks.

Mountain biking is a relatively forward-leaning riding position, thus relieving the lower back with some of the weight, which instead puts the handlebars via the hands.

In addition to get more power in the foot at a time and can tap more into the pedals for better speed. The weight distribution also yields better-curved handle in the wheels.

There is a bike that is a cross between BMX and MTB, it is called DIRT. Bikes have very low limits, extra-wide styrene; they are full suspension and have very low gearing and strong brakes. The saddle is small and sits very low.

where to buy a mountain bike

Sport- bike with larger wheels (28 “inches) resulting roll easily, it often becomes the obvious choice for every day and commuter cyclists.

It is not as upright riding position as the Classic but is designed to be comfortable both in the short as a long distance.

  • Above all, adjust the riding position a little by leaning forward, thus relieving the lower back with some of the weight, which instead puts the handlebars via the hands.
  • Also get more power in the ball of a time and can tap more into the pedals for better speed.
  • Weight distribution also yields better-curved handle the wheels.

Sport bike comes in two types, and with the hub gear that is easy to handle and use, and the second group, characterized by the switching system is surface mounted, i.e. the chain is run for different gears on the outside of the hub and the drive to achieve different gear ratios. It usually requires a little more care.

choosing mountain bike

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