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Romantic getaways and adventure vacations for couples

One does not exclude the other.

Active and adventurous travelers will tell you that romantic getaways and adventure trips make a great couple. Whether you want a special place for a Valentine’s Day getaway or a one-time of the year romantic getaway, blending activities like hot air ballooning over the stunning landscape, mountain biking on rugged trails then sunbathe on secluded beaches, or sliding along a half-dozen zip lines then visit a luxury spa, all add extra speed on the trip.

Imagine the pictures you’ll take home memories after riding in the snow or cross country skiing past a deer looking at you with those big eyes. Too cold for you? What about parking on an island beach, one where you can don scuba diving gear (or snorkeling), go into the water, swim a few hundred meters and show schools of fish swarming around colorful coral reefs. Drifting in a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey, hike to a waterfall-fed spring in Hawaii, or swim in an underground cavern in Mexico Riviera Maya are just some of the ways you can add adventure to any romantic getaway.


Beach Vacation Destinations Adventure travelers will love

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The Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales south beach is a magnet for adventurous travelers who enjoy coasteering, cliff jumping, surfing the frightening reef breaks and swimming in the sea caves.

And, it’s just in the water. On land there are hiking and biking along the 186 mil long Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, mountain climbing and riding horses in the sand. If you like exploring, there are more than 40 Iron Age promontory fort, Norman and medieval castles and towns to visit during a hike.

The Pembrokeshire coast was ranked second in National Geographic’s Ratings Highest coastal areas with good reason. It is described by one of the expert panelists, “Magnificent protected coastline from both ecological and geological perspective.”

Freshwater West and Newgate are good starting places for adventurers. If you’re a surfer, is fresh a huge beach with large peaks along the main beach and good break in the smaller bays in the south. (The beach was featured in the latest Harry Potter movie.)

Coasteering, climbing up a rock, a helmet, a wetsuit and life jacket, then jump in Whitewater surfing are popular here. St David is the starting point for many of the coasteering trips.

Hot Air balloon ride over Fairy Chimneys in exotic Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey

credit to contemporarydesignandarchitecture.blogspot.com/

Drifting in a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey, and spending nights in an intimate cave room or suite in an old mansion hugging a hilltop with spectacular views from your private veranda, is seriously romantic.

Living in Nevishir you can go right outside and start hiking or mountain biking in Pigeon Valley, spread out beneath you. The trails thread through the fairy chimneys that have hundreds of pigeon houses carved into the stones of the villagers and monks centuries ago.

The landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey is like nowhere else on earth. Volcanoes erupted more than three million years ago and as the ashes settled it formed a layer of tough, in some places covered with basalt lava.

Over the centuries, eroded wind, rain and hot and cold extreme weather, harsh create amazing forms now known as fairy chimneys. Here in Cappadopcia you can also visit the underground cities, see colorful art in churches carved into the rock caves, hiking in the deep valleys and dine in a tent set over rushing streams.


Dive into Underwater Art Museums

dive under water

Island honeymoons are popular, so why not choose an island where you can dive in the day. (Night dives are a lot of fun, too.) Here are several islands where you can go out to the beach and be in the center of the spectacularly colorful coral reefs. If you want to get on a dive boat and travel for half an hour or more, there are even more options to display everything from sharks to massive groupers.

Bonaire, for example, has more than 80 markers showing the locations where you can go out to the beach and be in a coral garden within a few hundred meters. Divers on Lady Elliot Island, which is actually part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia, can swim into the coral canyons just off the beach and see the open mouths of giant clams, or watch manta rays swim overhead.honeymoon trips by the sea

In the Cayman Islands, there are more than 100 named wall dive sites. Shore diving here is easy to arrange as there is access to reefs and mini walls right near many beaches and dive shops. Curacao, one of the so-called ABC islands (Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba), which is part of the Netherlands Antilles, has more than 60 marked dive sites including walls, shipwrecks, and even a plane wreck.

Romantic getaways in Dude Ranches in Winter

romantic getaways in the winter

Picture the two of you in a cozy room or a private cabin surrounded by wilderness. Is it a curious deer pressing his nose against the window? Guest ranches and the guy can be a wonderful choice for romantic getaways in the winter. The two of you can ride in the snow or cross country skiing. Afterwards, the bath in a private hot tub or have massage. Dinners can be in a quiet table for two in the barn, or with new friends you’ve met on the trail that day.

Find the right ranch for you will not be difficult because there are so many choices. Not every guest ranches are open in winter, but many of the best in the west court winter visitors with special rates and interesting packages. Here are three sites where you can find ranches throughout the West. Here is a selection of ranches that horse riders will enjoy. Devil’s Thumb Ranch and Vista Verde Ranch, both in Colorado, and Hidden Meadow Ranch in Arizona, are open in winter.

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