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A Checklist Of Self Defense Items A Survivalist Should Consider

There are many books written are the subject of survivalism and survivalist training today. Frequently these resources provide lists of materials to have in the event a national or regional catastrophy causes major infrastructure systems to shut down.

Using these lists, survivalists manage their inventories of items, providing them and their families with peace of mind in regards to the uncertainty of the future.

For example, if the farming community was economically damaged and unable to provide foods to the market at the current quantities then having supplies of freeze dried foods would be considered beneficial for a family. Such a supply of food may feed the family until they are able to plant and nurture a garden until a harvest can be produced.

Many of these lists deal with firearms, foods, hunting and fishing gear, camping supplies, short term versus long term strategies and mechanical supplies.

Additionally, a supply of self defense products can compliment the survivalist target goal of being fully self sufficient from society at the time of disaster. A short list will reflect the value these items will have in the survivalist family’s kit.


  • 1 lb pepper spray canister – This product provides additional options for home defense. For members of a family not trained with firearms the large pepper spray canister becomes an option.
  • 1-3 dozen pepper spray key chains – Inexpensive in larger quantities, these handy self defense weapons are legal in every state, and effective at rendering an assailant incapacitated for up to 30 minutes.
  • Flashlight stun baton or LED Night-Baton – Very valuable for home and neighborhood security patrol. When encountering unknown individuals in the neighborhood a stun baton is great until the situation is clarified.
  • Pocket stun gun – Helpful as a carry around self defense item when confrontations are not expected. Easily fits in jeans pocket.
  • Battery operated door and window alarms – Inexpensive and can be installed on doors that are weak links in the home security system.
  • Voice Alert Transmitter for monitoring of grounds – Advanced monitoring of ones grounds can alert to possible intruders or even large animals like deer that are attacking the garden
  • Animal repellents: Bear spray / Dog spray – Helpful if wild dogs become a problem. Bear spray is highly suggested for northern regions in the US.
  • Diversion safes for hiding valuables – Stash cans that can be used to hide valuables at home or when travelling.

There are many choices that give the survivalist options for additional self defense strategies. Having the right product makes a difference in efficiency. Being able to choose options is a luxury that survivalists should not give up.

Using a bullet for every defensive crisis would not be a wise use of ammunition. Some choices must consider the potential for a non-functioning electric grid. Manually operated self defense products can fill in additional requirements that families would face in a crisis.

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