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5 Best Tents for Camping 2012

The ratings are based on consumers’ average scoring.

Camping enthusiasts always say that choosing the camping tents is one of the decisions that they really need to think through because it is a big investment and your camping experience relies so much on the quality of the tents; you will want to buy a tent that provides comfort, durability, and portability. Here’s the list of 5 tents we think are great based on our own experiences and other campers’.

Coleman Montana 8 persons

This tent has been amazon’s best-selling tent for many reasons; it can hold 8 people comfortably but can still make a good 6-person tent. The dimension is 16 x 7 square feet and a 6 x 2 inch center height allowing campers to be able to stand upright fully while in this tent.

Coleman Montana for 8 persons

Coleman Montana 8-person tent


Special features:

  • Innovative hinge door
  • Privacy vent window
  • Vented Cool-Air port
  • Electrical access port
  • WeatherTec System (allows the tent to dry easy as the fabric doesn’t absorb moisture easily.)

Some people say it feels like bringing their own home into the camping site because it’s so comfortable. This spacious tent makes a great choice if you’re a group of 6-8 campers!

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

This tent is perfect for those who find setting up tent a bit of a pain. The name says it all that it can accommodate 6 people comfortably and is able to be set up within a minute. This is due to its pre-attached poles to the tent in its unique one-piece design that allows super easy and convenient tent setting up.

The tent dimension is 10×9 Feet with a 6 foot center height allowing 2 queen-sized air beds to be placed next to each other.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent 2

Unique Features:

  • Pre-attached one-piece design allowing easy set-up
  • WeatherTec system making it water resistant and easy to dry and fold away
  • Roomy (10×9 Feet / 6 Foot Center height)


Coleman Instant Two Room Tent

This spacious tent receives incredibly positive feedback for users who prefer a roomy tent that can hold 8 people comfortably. It has been said that this tent feels like a home because of its vertical walls, as opposed to the usual dome structure in other tents, and its separate rooms provide more privacy if it’s 2 families camping.

Coleman Instant Two Room Tent

Coleman Instant Two Room Tent inside

Coleman Instant Two Room Tent 2


Unique features:

  • Incredibly spacious (14 x 10 feet, with a large center height of 6 feet 5 inches).
  • Home-like design with 2 different doors, 7 windows, 2 separate rooms
  • Easy to set up and pack away: pre-attached poles
  • WeatherTec System for moisture prevention
  • Vertical walls making it easy to walk around when standing upright


Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent

This tent works great as the best 10 person tent. If your group of campers consist of 8-10 people (or just prefer a lot of space in a tent) and looking for a durable high-quality tent, you should consider investing in this Great Basin Family Dome.  This is the type of tent that is great for those who like to camp during winter and in the camp site where you might experience some rainfall and high humidity. 

Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent 2Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent

Unique features:

  • Extremely spacious (18 x 10 Foot Dome footprint), which makes it the best 10 person tent
  • Maximum Ventilation (with back-to-back doors / two mesh windows / two mesh roof vents)
  • Divider curtain for campers to make two rooms or roll it up for one spacious room
  • Extremely durable (“Weather Armor” polyester and polyurethane coating to isolate it from cold humid air, while keeping the heat in)
  • Seamless sealed floor allowing no water to seep in


Coleman WeatherMaster

This awesome tent is a great tent for summer camping for 6 campers. It has all the best features of Coleman tent especially the ventilation system. Its great design, with the floorless mesh-wall area suitable as a dining area or as home patio, makes the tent feel like a portable summer house.

 Coleman WeatherMaster

Coleman WeatherMaster inside

Coleman WeatherMaster screened area

Unique features:

  • Great for tall campers with its 6 feet 10 inches center height
  • Floor-less screened room for hangout and dining
  • Coleman’s comfort system for ventilation; vented Cool-Air privacy port with vent window / all-mesh ceiling
  • Easy to dry and water proof with Coleman’s patented technology WeatherTec System


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